Episode 93

Episode 93: Drew Dickinson- Modento


November 21st, 2019

44 mins 48 secs

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About this Episode

Drew Dangerman is the co-owner of Modento. It’s a permutation of the words “modern dentistry”. As someone who worked in dentistry for over 15 years, she recognized where a lot of pain points in a dental office. She partnered with her husband to tackle some of these problems, and Modento was born.
Modento is designed to deal with the minutiae of patient interaction. The ability to accept insurance over the app and other simple tools to make your office life easier. The app is cloud-based and simple to interact with from anywhere. It is easy to act enmasse for things such as messaging or searching for patients.
Everything is added live with your dental software, so your current patient and treatment list is always accurate.
Voicemail drop is an effective way to leave a postop message or other care calls to your patients. A prerecorded message saved to a file can drop directly to their voicemail after a single phone ring. A simple generic but applicable message is a great time saver that connects to the patient.
Online paperwork is another wonderful option. All of the forms for your office can be submitted through the app and is imported directly into your patient management software. Treatment plans and paperless statements are another great option. They can receive it via the app, which is HIPPA compliant. The app is not required for the patient, but there are a lot of useful functions.
Sending a statement or payment request to patients can be done through the app as well. Searches based on amount due, aging report, etc. can be filtered in the app. A payment request can be sent covering some or all of the balance, and the outstanding insurance information is easy to find. The system will automatically attach the last statement if you are using open dental, otherwise you can save each statement to a file from other software and load the file from there, keeping you paperless.
Over 95% of the payments are collected, and many are done same day. In addition, they receive reward points for paying same day. A quick button for posting to ledger will import it directly into open dental.
Eaglesoft will integrate as well, but not as extensively as Open dental. They can read the information in Dentrix and are working to be writable with the program in the next few weeks.
Demos are available, and there are two trainings set for your team. The first is to introduce them to the capabilities, the second is to answer questions and dive in to specifics.
Online reviews, recall reminders and other great features can integrate with other platforms such as LocalMed and Mango Voice.

The Deal:
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Even if they raise their prices, you will get $ 50 off your package as long as you are a customer.

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